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Mineralogical research includes sample preparation for the studies, petrographic, chemical and mineral content study of different types of ore, detailed study of base ore minerals characteristics with their chemical composition determination, as well as precious metals characteristics. Conventional and innovative research methods using contemporary equipment are used in mineralogical investigations.

Equipment of analytical laboratory

The study of material composition includes the following types of works and research:

  • Preparation of transparent, polished and pellet specimens;
  • Material size distribution characteristics with basic elements determination in size fractions;
  • Petrographic composition study;
  • Material chemical composition determination together with separate phases of valuable components;
  • Mineralogical analysis with determination of ore quantitative mineral composition;
  • Determination of ore sulphidity and oxidation level1;
  • Heavy fractions content study using stereomicroscope and in pellet specimens using polarization microscope;
  • Image analysis of ore minerals using mineralogical analyzer for solid materials Mineral-C7;
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of gold and its contaminants;
  • Size distribution characteristics of any valuable component;
  • Phase analysis;
  • Automated quantitative analysis of minerals, rocks, ore (Qemscan Automated Mineralogy Analyzer).


Equipment of group for modern mineralogical investigations