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Main design objects of TOMS are: 

Industrial objects:

  • Processing plants;
  • Mining and processing enterprises;
  • Mines, quarries with ore and nonmetallic mineral resources;
  • Storage areas of industrial wastes;
  • Hydraulic constructions.

Vasilkovsky mining plant. Ore processing

 Infrastructure objects:

  • Boiler rooms;
  • Repair and storage facilities;
  • Utility systems and constructions;
  • Subdivision of Mine rescue brigade and fire stations;
  • Improvement facilities;
  • Administration and accommodation;
  • Main step down substations.


Project departments of TOMS carry out elaboration of the following sections:

  • General layout and transport;
  • Architectural solutions;
  • Construction solutions;
  • Utility systems (internal and external) and buildings;
  • Computerized control systems, telecommunication systems, power supply systems up to 35 kW; 
  • Technological solutions;
  • Construction organization plan;
  • Work plan for demolition or dismantling of Capital construction objects;
  • Environmental protection, Environment impact assessment;
  • Fire safety measures;
  • Energy efficiency measures;
  • Cost estimate for construction of capital construction objects;
  • Industrial safety declaration of hydraulic construction;
  • Civil defense and engineering measures, Emergency prevention measures.

Types of project works:

  • Elaboration of construction solutions: foundations, supporting and enclosing structures.
  • Elaboration of project documentation for construction, reconstruction, capital repair of capital construction objects.
  • General layouts.
  • Architectural and construction solutions: elaboration of building plans, sectional views and fronts of buildings.

Elaboration of project documentation. Underground mining at Ametistovoe deposit

Technological solutions for the following types of buildings and constructions:

  • Public facilities: buildings for trade facilities, catering and consumer services; buildings for municipal services (except industrial, storage and transport buildings and constructions); multi-purpose complexes,
  • Fuel extraction and recycling industry enterprises;  coal mining, shale mining, peat mining industry and recycling industry enterprises;
  • Ironworks enterprises: mines, plants and workshop of mining, extraction and processing of crude ore;
  • Enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy: ore extraction and processing, non-ferrous industry; extraction of precious metals and diamonds; quarries, mines;
  • Enterprises of intersectoral production: warehouses, administration and accommodation facilities, laboratories; data processing centres (incl. local and computer networks, computerized control systems and IT);
  • Equipment and material procurement: facilities, warehouses;
  • Enterprises of environmental protection and sustainable environmental management: waste water treatment; gas purification installations, garbage furnaces; installations for industrial wastes treatment;

  • Telecommunication enterprises: communication lines, control and switching units;
  • Industrial constructions: subsurface constructions (retaining walls, cellars, tunnels and passages, foundation cylinders); capacity construction for liquids and gases (tanks for oil and oil products, gas holders);
  • Capacity constructions for loose materials (bins, bunkers, silages and silo bins, coal storage bunkers of coking plants); overground buildings (towers and platforms, open crane trestles, standing alone supporters and trestles for technological pipeline, galleries and towers, discharging railroad overpasses);
  • High-storey constructions (cooling towers, tower-type headgear of plant for mineral resources development, chimneys and stacks, water tanks, industrial furnaces);
  • Engineering equipment, networks and systems: heating system, ventilations, conditioning, water supply and waste water facilities, heat supply, gas supply, cold water supply, electric supply up to and including 35 kW.;
  • Dispatching, automatization and management of engineering systems;
  • Mechanical operations and interplant transport.

 Cooling towers, Vasilkovsky mining plant

Special sections of project documentation:

  • Environmental protection;
  • Labor and working condition management, production and plant management;
  • Civil defense and engineering measures, Emergency prevention measures;
  • Anticorrosion protection of constructions ;
  • Fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, smoke protection system, fire evacuation;
  • Security monitoring systems, video surveillance systems;
  • Life- sustaining measures for groups of people with limited mobility;
  • Construction arrangement;
  • Design and estimate documentation, functions of the general designer. 

Flow chart of Tugansky mining plant with preliminary sanitary protection zone

TOMS is licensed and authorized to fulfill these type of works: preparation of project documentation for construction, reconstruction, capital repair of capital construction objects.


Special equipment

TOMS applies up-to-date approach for engineering. Engineering of mining production is performed with 3D modelling. TOMS specialists use modern software systems which enable to curtail terms of engineering and provides with quality documentation.  

Vasilkovksy mining and processing plant, 3D model

Advantages of 3D modelling:

  • Study of different variants of industrial site and interior layout, high level of refinement;
  • Accuracy in industrial objects engineering;
  • Efficient development of complicated industrial clusters;

  • Introduction of modifications at any stage of engineering process

Stages of 3D modelling:

  • Preparation of 3D models of equipment;
  • Study of different variants of equipment placement in 3D space;
  • 3D model of the site general plan;
  • Selection and lay outing of internal and external utility lines. 

Advantages of 3D modelling:

  • Creation of accurate mock- ups on the basis of 3D models (from 0.2 mm definition);
  • Integrated visibility analysis, opportunity of integrated analysis.;

  • High standard presentation of project.


Data bases

TOMS carries out object maintenance at the stage of erection and commissioning in the form of 3D model connected with data base. Dealing with creation of modern projects specialists uses extensive data bases:

  • Scientific and research data base. Own scientific and research center in the sphere of mineral resources processing which is fitted with equipment from the leading manufacturers allows to select better technological solutions for each project; 
  • Integrated approach. TOMS perform EPCM projects. This gives an opportunity to maintain elaborated documentation and engage contractors at the stage of object construction;
  • Internet technologies. IT allows to monitor dynamics of works on-line;
  • CALS, BIM technologies. CALS technologies.