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Technology is a foundation of successful investment project

Science & research works and elaboration of cost- effective technologies are essential stage in creation of up-to-date processing and metallurgical production. This stage lays so called technological foundation of the upcoming plant. Further effective performance of plant and enterprises depends on qualified researches and better technological solutions.

TOMS Institute carries out scientific research works and elaborates reports on design criteria in the sphere of ore processing, metallurgy of nonferrous and precious metals. Top quality services performed by TOMS Institute are the outcome of a well-balanced combination of a long –term experience, highly qualified staff and well-developed laboratory, systematic and analytic base. About 100 science & research work reports and design criteria are issued annually. The main area of the institute expertise comprises efficient technologies aiming at refractory and hard ore processing.

TOMS institute experience

  • Collaboration with leading engineering companies;
  • Performance of science & research works using equipment and methods of leading manufacturers;
  • TOMS Institute technologies are used in engineering of processing plant in Russia, CIS and abroad.;
  • International recognition of TOMS Institute.


International certificates of TOMS Instutite