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Expert evaluation 

  • Technical evaluation (construction and technological) of investment projects;
  • Monitoring of investment projects ;
  • Technological and price audit of major investment projects also with state participation;
  • Due Diligence of resources and reserves evaluation;
  • Geological, geological and economical audit and deposit expertise.;
  • FS of geological surveys and their results;
  • Solid minerals reserves calculation and classification in accordance with the Russian legislation and JOPC on the basis of 3D deposits models in MICROMINE software.


Thanks to the long-term experience in the sphere of deposits development TOMS engineering has become one of the most in-demand supervisory organizations for performance of technical and financial assessment of mining and processing plants construction in order to provide creditor banks and investors with trustworthy information.
Relevance of the service is determined by modern challenges of lending in large investment projects which call for increase of control for financial sustainability of borrowers, as well as for deep analysis of project risks:
  • Possibility of errors in engineering and forecast indicators of mining operations, payback;
  • Disruption of construction deadlines;
  • Inappropriate use of funds;
  • Overestimation of purchasing prices.

Major banks and state funds of Russia include quarterly reports following the results of technical abd financial audit of the project in obligatory condition of lending. As a rule, a borrower signs a contract for audit, and thereafter analysis results are quarterly sent by supervising organizations directly in the bank.


In the framework of technical and financial audit on the regular basis supervising organization (prior to first financing, prior to every redefinition of limit and quarterly) provides creditor bank with the following data:

  • Confirmation of technical feasibility of project and attainability of planned level of extraction.;
  • Expertise of significant terms of contracts with suppliers and contractors;
  • Risks of non-compliance with deadlines of the project and risks of budget increase;
  • Adequacy of budget cost parameters and expenses, comparison with mid-markets cost parameters in the region of construction, confirmation of appropriate use;
  • Sufficiency of planned sources of financing, Cash-flow and financial models analysis;
  • Key project risks (technological, judicial, ecological etc.);
  • Sufficient rate of construction work progress, feasibility and correspondence of stated schedules of performance and financing, underrun estimation due to the critical path of the project;
  • Correspondence of construction arrangement and cash flows management to standard practice in this industry sector;
  • Recommendations on project optimization by means of stated risks minimization.


Report structure and additional sections are coordinated with Bank for every project individually.