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Construction management 

According to EPCM approach TOMS engineering LLC fulfills the following functions:

  • design;
  • control for project at all stages of construction;
  • selection of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers of material and technical resources;
  • coordination of participants during construction process.

In case of TOMS engineering involvement in management of project construction, the Client is not responsible for/assumes no responsibility for timely issue of Design and Estimate Documentation, as well as delivery of equipment for assembly, and for risks of down time of contracting organizations. Constantly operating head office is organized for operative management at the site, and if it is necessary, specialists from Saint Petersburg are involved in works on site.

Contracting organizations outsourcing is carried out on competitive base.


Execution of investment and construction project through EPCM contract comprises:

  • Investor acts as a nominal Client, although most of functions are given to EPCM- contractor;
  • Different variants of responsibility sharing are acceptable (possible), (also it is possible when Investor sets up all contracts);
  • Reward for project management and responsibility is divided;
  • Areas of responsibility can be amended during project execution as agreed by parties;
  • Main aim is construction of new, big objects of direct investments, with which the Clients plans to operate;
  • Client recruits an experienced experts who confirms solutions of EPCM contractor.