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Technological solutions for the following types of buildings and constructions:

  • Public facilities: buildings for trade facilities, catering and consumer services; buildings for municipal services (except industrial, storage and transport buildings and constructions); multi-purpose complexes,
  • Fuel extraction and recycling industry enterprises;  coal mining, shale mining, peat mining industry and recycling industry enterprises;
  • Ironworks enterprises: mines, plants and workshop of mining, extraction and processing of crude ore;
  • Enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy: ore extraction and processing, non-ferrous industry; extraction of precious metals and diamonds; quarries, mines;
  • Enterprises of intersectoral production: warehouses, administration and accommodation facilities, laboratories; data processing centres (incl. local and computer networks, computerized control systems and IT);
  • Equipment and material procurement: facilities, warehouses;
  • Enterprises of environmental protection and sustainable environmental management: waste water treatment; gas purification installations, garbage furnaces; installations for industrial wastes treatment;

  • Telecommunication enterprises: communication lines, control and switching units;
  • Industrial constructions: subsurface constructions (retaining walls, cellars, tunnels and passages, foundation cylinders); capacity construction for liquids and gases (tanks for oil and oil products, gas holders);
  • Capacity constructions for loose materials (bins, bunkers, silages and silo bins, coal storage bunkers of coking plants); overground buildings (towers and platforms, open crane trestles, standing alone supporters and trestles for technological pipeline, galleries and towers, discharging railroad overpasses);
  • High-storey constructions (cooling towers, tower-type headgear of plant for mineral resources development, chimneys and stacks, water tanks, industrial furnaces);
  • Engineering equipment, networks and systems: heating system, ventilations, conditioning, water supply and waste water facilities, heat supply, gas supply, cold water supply, electric supply up to and including 35 kW.;
  • Dispatching, automatization and management of engineering systems;
  • Mechanical operations and interplant transport.

Cooling towers, Vasilkovsky mining plant