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Equipment engineering

The fundamental principle of design is always an integration of equipment, automation facilities and selected supplementary components of different manufactures. The list of suppliers can reach several tens.

Equipment procurement is tightly connected with set of activities on its selection and coordination with a project. Equipment selection depends both on commercial aspects and technical harmonization, as well as reliability testing of equipment, information on supposed equipment performance at similar objects.

TOMS ConstructionService possess a long-term experience in the sphere of equipment procurement for plants under construction. Independent assessment and control reduce terms of equipment procurement, thus it allows avoiding big capital expenses.

When confirming technical specifications for equipment, cooperation with TOMS project institutes helps to avoid making mistakes in the process of procurement. Frequently equipment for production can be custom-made and it requires strict control at all stages of procurement.

Aleksandrovsky mining plant. Grinding equipment

Procurement management 

Supply of equipment is not just a process of transportation from point A to point B. This process comprises numerous functions, fulfillment of those is practically impossible without experienced and high- qualified staff. Control of logistics is carried out by our specialists with necessary examinations of manufacturers and at work site of the object.

Stoilensky mining plant. Mills