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MINEX 2015


11th  annual MINEX mining and exploration forum 2015 was held at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow, Russia. Delegation from TOMS also took part in the forum. Organized under the slogan of "Rapid development- prospects and opportunities" MINEX Russia 2015 gathered together more than 500 executives and experts of both Russian and international companies.

Uncertainty reigning at global markets became a new standard practice for subsoil users and investors.  Russia’s mining industry is fully integrated into the production of metals and raw materials and plays significant role in the global economic development. Many argue that with the recent rouble devaluation, discounted assets and the fact that political risk does not affect the industry as much as other sectors, it is a good time to invest in mining in Russia. Major issue for many Russian companies is to build a brand-new model of economic growth aiming at rapid development and implementation of country`s potential.

Delegation of TOMS group also took part in forum activities. Negotiations were conducted in a positive and constructive atmosphere. Participants shared the feeling of surpressed optimism.